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      1 LB Coffee: Rideau Roastery


      Only the highest-grade fair trade and organic green beans are shipped from around the world to our little Roastery, where we use our special roast profiles to produce high-quality single origin roasts and custom flavoured blends.

      Flavours – Peruvian, Columbian, Canadian Maple


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      Atta Boy Box


      Every man deserves an ATTA BOY

      Looking for a great gift that has it all?  We’ve put together a fun collection of items that includes Walton Wood Farms men’s spa items and of course BEER.  Enjoy a growler of Humble Beginnings Beer locally produced in Morrisburg ON  (this can be non alcoholic)   So look no further because this box has it all.

      Three different spa option (to keep it fun)

      For the manscaper in your life, the one who wears a speedo.  Proud Cock shave soap and balm is meant for the nether regions leaving you soft and smooth.

      Or perhaps you have a healthy bearded man that could use a soft soap and balm to keep the face hairs from flying wild.  Enjoy the beard wash and beard balm that is subtly scented.  Two scents available The Canadian (Maple Bark and Wild Portage) and The Gentleman (Citrus and Mahogany)

      Lastly the Men Don’t Stink soap and room spray option.  Trust me guys when I say “this soap is delicious”

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      Beard Wash and Balm (Walton Wood Farms)


      Direct from the bottle, keep your beard as nice as your Canadian personality or not beastly, but soft like a gentleman should look. These super conditioning beard washes are full of goodness like aloe, Argan oil and Vitamin E.

      Get that handlebar on point, sir. The Gentleman is the lightest scented beard balm with soft citrus and mahogany notes, and the Canadian is a mix of maple bark & portage.

      • Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free
      • Alcohol, SLS, Paraben and Dye-Free
      • Hemp Oil moisturizes hair and stimulates growth, preventing breakage
      • Shea Butter soothes skin, softens and protects hair
      • 2.5 oz solid tin is carry-on approved, ready for your next adventure

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      Cactus Gardens


      Did you know that 90% of the world cactus grow in North America, with the majority being the United States and some in Canada?

      Cactus are a unique plant that lives in the driest of weather and requires little water to survive.

      The best care for a cactus is to insure it has a bright light.  Most tolerate a direct sunlight however some will require indirect, away from a window.

      Keep the watering to a minimum.  Roughly once a month, and water enough to soak the plant but allow the plant to drain any access water it cannot absorb.

      Our gardens usually consist of a variety of philosocereus and parodia cactuses.

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      Dish Gardens


      We design our dish gardens in house with fun containers and like-minded plants.  Choosing plants that will grow well together and have similar light and water requirements.  Each garden comes with a care tag indicating the plant species and how to care for them.

      As show in the photos we have ceramic, tin and wicker container options will choose the style according to value of the order and the occasion.

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      Eucalyptus Bunches


      Enjoy the aroma of fresh eucalyptus in the shower or in a vase on the counter.

      -for the shower, hang a few stems and let the steam release the oils into the air.  Helps with common cold and raspatory illness.

      Eucalyptus bunches are sold by weight so each bunch may vary by size or stem count.


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      Giant Airplants – Tillandsia (4′ by 4′ in size)


      Air plants look as if they came from another planet, but they’re native to the Americas, ranging from the southern United States to Argentina. In the wild, they use their roots to hang on the bark of trees, feeding on rainwater and bird poop they absorb through their leaves. There are more than 600 species and varieties of air plants, also called Tillandsias

      • Once a week, submerge air plants in water and let them sit there for hours.
      • Use rainwater or bottled drinking water. Softened water is high in salts that will burn the air plants, and tap water has minerals that can clog the trichomes on air plant leaves and keep them from absorbing nutrients.
      • Dry the air plants out. This is very important. After they soak, shake off excess water and put them in a bright spot for a couple of hours to dry.
      • Feed them once a month by adding water-soluble fertilizer for epiphytes, bromeliads or air plants to the water you dunk them in. These specialized fertilizers contain nitrogen in a form they can absorb.
      • Air plants like temperatures ranging between the 50s and 90s.
      • They thrive with temperature fluctuations. Give them a 10-degree temperature drop that mimics cool nights in their native jungle and they’ll flourish.
      • They cannot withstand a freeze. They’re totally tropical and need to come indoors for winter.
      • Make sure they get at least 4 to 6 hours of bright, filtered light per day. They’ll love a room with lots of windows.
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      Hand & Body Lotion (Wild Prairie)


      Hand & Body Lotion is made with pure Shea Butter for rich moisturizing capability that absorbs easily into the skin. Recommended for use anywhere on the body, this natural lotion also contains rich olive oil and sweet almond oil.

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      Hand & Body Wash (Wild Prairie)


      This natural hand & body wash is guaranteed to keep your skin feeling soft. Made with oils of olive, coconut and jojoba.

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      Hoya Pubicalyx 4” Pot


      Hoya are some of the most sot over plants.  They are unique in their colour, texture and flowers and are native to the Philippines.  This variety is a trailing plant that blooms bright pink star shaped flowers in the summer.

      Hoya like a bright indirect light of up to 6 plus hours.  A South or West would be best but away from the window.  If in direct light the leaves may burn.

      With regards to watering these plants like moisture on their leaves so regular misting is wonderful but the soil itself likes to dry out between watering, so only watering about once every two weeks is sufficient.  When in bloom you could increase water to once a week to keep the flowers happy.

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      Hummingbird Chocolates Bars 60g


      Award winning dark chocolate bars from Almonte, ON.  Hummingbird chocolates are vegan, soy and gluten free

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      Mixed Florals – The Judy (Precious Stone Beauty)


      “for twas not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart.  Twas not my lips you kissed, but my soul”

      -Judy Garland

      European Handtied Bouquets: Mixed gem-coloured flowers of deep purples, reds and pinks with hints of blues and old Hollywood feathers.

      (photos shown are $65 and $85)

      Floral Designs in Vases:

      Mixed gem-coloured flowers of deep purples, reds and pinks with hints of blues and old Hollywood feathers.

      (photo shown $90)

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