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      6″ Blue Star Fern


      Blue Star Ferns are such a showy plant.  Giving you long bouncy silvery green leaves that look prehistoric.

      I fun addition to any plant collection.

      Blue Star Ferns are adaptable plants that thrive in low to bright, indirect sunlight. Prolonged exposure to bright direct sunlight may burn and scorch their leaves.

      Blue Star Ferns enjoy weekly watering sessions, keeping their soil moist but not wet. They also like to keep their leaves dry, so water from the sides and without getting her leaves wet. Allow the top 2’ of her soil to dry out between watering during fall and winter.

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      Beard Wash and Balm (Walton Wood Farms)


      Direct from the bottle, keep your beard as nice as your Canadian personality or not beastly, but soft like a gentleman should look. These super conditioning beard washes are full of goodness like aloe, Argan oil and Vitamin E.

      Get that handlebar on point, sir. The Gentleman is the lightest scented beard balm with soft citrus and mahogany notes, and the Canadian is a mix of maple bark & portage.

      • Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free
      • Alcohol, SLS, Paraben and Dye-Free
      • Hemp Oil moisturizes hair and stimulates growth, preventing breakage
      • Shea Butter soothes skin, softens and protects hair
      • 2.5 oz solid tin is carry-on approved, ready for your next adventure

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      Cactus Gardens


      Did you know that 90% of the world cactus grow in North America, with the majority being the United States and some in Canada?

      Cactus are a unique plant that lives in the driest of weather and requires little water to survive.

      The best care for a cactus is to insure it has a bright light.  Most tolerate a direct sunlight however some will require indirect, away from a window.

      Keep the watering to a minimum.  Roughly once a month, and water enough to soak the plant but allow the plant to drain any access water it cannot absorb.

      Our gardens usually consist of a variety of philosocereus and parodia cactuses.

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      Dish Gardens


      We design our dish gardens in house with fun containers and like-minded plants.  Choosing plants that will grow well together and have similar light and water requirements.  Each garden comes with a care tag indicating the plant species and how to care for them.

      As show in the photos we have ceramic, tin and wicker container options will choose the style according to value of the order and the occasion.

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      Hand & Body Lotion (Wild Prairie)


      Hand & Body Lotion is made with pure Shea Butter for rich moisturizing capability that absorbs easily into the skin. Recommended for use anywhere on the body, this natural lotion also contains rich olive oil and sweet almond oil.

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      Hand & Body Wash (Wild Prairie)


      This natural hand & body wash is guaranteed to keep your skin feeling soft. Made with oils of olive, coconut and jojoba.

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      Mixed Florals – The Marilyn (Classic Valentine’s)


      “All we demand is our right to twinkle.”
      ― Marilyn Monroe

      European Hand Tied Bouquets: Mixed red, white and pink bouquets to make any lover blush (photos shown are $60 and $110)

      Floral Designs in Vases: Mixed red, white and pink florals designed in a vase for classic Valentine’s perfection (photo shown $100)

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      PA Petites


      Our PA Petites are a smaller arrangement meant for a side table, or coffee tables.  Designed in a 3″ container with a variety of flowers to your colour choice.

      photo shown $50

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      Soaking Salts (Wild Prairie)


      Soaking Salts are the perfect way to ease tension and unwind after a long, stressful day. Gentle enough for those with extremely sensitive skin.

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      European Hand Tied Bouquet


      We choose the freshest seasonal flowers available in the colour selection of your choice. Designed in a European hand tied our bouquets can be placed directly in the vase without fuss.  Just recut the stems and boom, floral beauty.

      (Should you like specific flowers included in the arrangement please make a note in the comments)

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      A rose is a rose is a rose is….

      We carry a lovely selection of roses that change every week so we chose to sell these to you in three options.

      Solid colour – this will be all one colour of something unique in store, could be red, could be orange could be a nice two tone colour.

      Romantic mix – this is a mix of softer coloured roses to give a lovely romantic feel to swoon over

      Bright mix – this is a mix of brighter colours to pop and wow the recipient

      Lastly we have 2 options on how they are arranged.  Our classic is with beautiful fillers and our funky includes unique additions like feathers, pampas or other funky accents to style.

      Should you need a specific colour it is best to call the store to ask what is on hand.


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      Joyce’s Joy (Senior Secret Santa)


      Our secret Santa program for seniors. Purchase the $20 vase over Nov and Dec and we will deliver on Dec. 22 to a senior at one of our participating local manors or retirement homes (Dundas Manor and Garden Villa). This is a wonderful way to spread some Christmas cheer!

      Our goal is to share these vases with seniors that have no family or friends during the holidays and we would love them to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year like we do. A “Merry Christmas, HO HO HO” card is attached to each vase to let the recipient know that Santa has spread good will.

      Joyce’s Joy is a vase inspired by Mrs. Joyce Angus, the pervious owner of the lovely Victorian house our shop now resides in. A wonderful, active lady in our community who is known by many and spent her last few years in the Garden Villa.

      Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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