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      Dish Gardens


      We design our dish gardens in house with fun containers and like-minded plants.  Choosing plants that will grow well together and have similar light and water requirements.  Each garden comes with a care tag indicating the plant species and how to care for them.

      As show in the photos we have ceramic, tin and wicker container options will choose the style according to value of the order and the occasion.

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      Charcuterie Board


      Introducing our newest delight.

      Looking for something different as a gift?  Try our Charcuterie board.

      This lovely custom handmade bees wax sealed wooden cutting board by “Begins Bounty and Board” is filled with all your delectable treats to share.

      We provide the items, you cut them up to display and feast upon.

      Wonderful idea for a date night, work lunch, alternative to the fruit basket, and a nice home gift for sympathy

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      Low Sympathy Vase


      My sincerest condolences.

      We are honored to create a stunning vase arrangement in reflection of your loved one, friend or colleague.  Each vase is prepared by a designer with the freshest blooms available in store.   We can create florals in the colour choice that you prefer.  If you have specific flowers you would like used we will do our best to include them, you can also call the store to discuss further.

      Photo shown $85

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      Standing Spray


      Our sincerest condolences.  We are honoured to create floral in the memory of your loved one, friend and colleague.

      The standing spray is placed on a easel up at the alter beside the coffin or urn.  This is a larger piece that is one sided, created by the freshest flower in store in the colours that you choose.

      Should you need more assistance, please call the shop.  We are here to help.

      Photo shown is a vase.  We are working on getting a photo of our work.


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      Sympathy Tribute


      Our deepest condolences.  We are honored to create some lovely florals on behalf of your loved one, friend and colleague.

      The tribute is created to be placed at the alter with the casket or urn.  The arrangement is meant to be a larger, tall piece chosen from the freshest blooms on hand in the colour combination you request.

      Should you need something more specific please note in the comments at check out or give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate.

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      Urn Wreath


      Our sincerest condolences.  We are honored to create florals in memory of your loved one, friend and colleague.

      The urn wreath is a beautiful collection of flowers in wither a half moon or full circle that encompasses the urn.  Created from the freshest blooms available, in the colour combination of your choice.

      Should you need a more custom piece please call the shop to inquire.

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      Tall Arrangements


      We choose the freshest seasonal flowers available in the colour selection of your choice.  Be in a vase, ceramic container or wooden box we strive to use eco friendly containers help keep our environmental footprint low.

      (Should you like specific flowers included in the arrangement please make a note in the comments)

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