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      6″ Peace Lily


      Peace lilies are a lovely house plant that when happy bloom big white flowers.

      So easy to care for as this plant can take some neglect.  Medium to bright indirect light and moderately moist soil encourages blooms year round.  If you tend to neglect the watering schedule you will still have amazing green foliage but no blooms.

      Peace lilies are can cause mouth and stomach irritation to both humans and animals if ingested.


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      8″ Evergreen Wreaths


      These beautiful 8″ wreaths are great to add colour to the front porch.

      Made with real evergreens that smell divine, and added pops of decorations.


      – Rustic, ribbons, berries and wooden snowflakes

      -Citrus, ribbons, lemons, oranges and cinnamon sticks




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      Bouquet of the Month – December


      Evergreens and sparkly things.  Simple and smells so good.

      A long lasting option for the holiday season.

      Cash and Carry only for $25.00.  Minimum for delivery $40, in a vase $55

      Decorations may vary due to product availbility.

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      Citrus Candle Centerpiece


      This Victorian style arrangement is so beautiful with its rich colours, with our highest end blooms and added citrus flare.  We have included a dripless candles too.

      Some flowers and candle colours may change due to availability closer to Christmas, but overall colour scheme and style will stay the same.

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      Eucalyptus Bunches


      Enjoy the aroma of fresh eucalyptus in the shower or in a vase on the counter.

      -for the shower, hang a few stems and let the steam release the oils into the air.  Helps with common cold and raspatory illness.

      Eucalyptus bunches are sold by weight so each bunch may vary by size or stem count.


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      Evergreen Planters


      We are loving our two styles of handmade planters this holiday season.

      Mixed varieties of greens, with additional decorations to bring a pop to your front step or laneway.

      Order today as we have a limited supply available.

      Rustic – pinecones, branches, red milo berries and white pods


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      Floral Ornaments


      These beautiful ornament containers are filled with matching flowers to bring a bright pop to your Holiday table.

      Choose from Red, Gold or Silver.

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      Glass Taper Candle Holders


      These stunning glass candle holders are making a statement this holiday season.

      Textured and created to have that retro look.  These candle holders are heavy so they do not tip easily.

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      Holiday Napkins


      Beautiful paper napkins for your table this Holiday.

      Two sizes available, for dinner and dessert.


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      Holiday PA Petite


      Our PA Petites are a smaller arrangement meant for a side table, or coffee tables.

      Designed in a 3″ and 5″ container with a variety of our high end blooms for the holiday season.

      Choose your container colour and let us do the rest.

      Flowers will change upon availability.  Holiday colours of red, whites and greens will be used

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      Peace Sign Ornaments


      Peace be with you this holiday season!

      Loving these Peace Sign ornaments.  Two sizes available, made of metal.  Nice for the tree, or to hang in your window or on your wall.  We also use them in our outdoor planters.


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      Rustic Table Centre


      These beautiful everlasting arrangements are created in a lovely rustic box to last all season long.

      With dried décor of branches, cotton, berries, pine cones and decorative metal tree or moose, just water these weekly and you will have a lovely centerpiece to admire for the Holiday.

      Choose from two styles – Metal Moose or Metal Tree

      Dried products may vary as per supply availability.


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