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      18” Blue Thistle Wreath


      The beautiful evergreen wreath is filled with pine, cedar and fir accented with blue thistle, pine cones and rose hips.

      All our wreaths are made in store with locally sourced materials.

      Have a custom design in mind, let us know and we can create it for you.

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      8” Boho Grapevine Wreaths


      These beautiful boho style wreaths are a store favourite.  We cannot get enough of that touch of gold finish.

      Created with pine, cedar, eucalyptus and mixed bleached dried of pampas, palms and bunny tails.

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      8” Velvet Grapevine Wreath


      We had so much fun making these 8” velvet ribbons wreaths.  Created with pine, cedar and fir and dressed with dried gomphrena from Skarj Flower Farm.

      We hope they bring as much joy to you door.

      Merry Christmas

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      Christmas Centerpiece – Designer Choice


      Leave it to us this holiday and let our designers create a beautiful and unique centerpiece for your table.

      Choose with or without a candle.

      Value shown $100

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      Comfort is served


      Sit back and relax with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

      Our comfort is served is complete with local honey, a bees wax wrap and Christmas napkins.

      The perfect collection of local goodies from Smirlhom Farm, Rideau Roastery and Hive Vibe.

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      European Hand-tied Bouquets


      Our European hand-tied bouquets are created in a spiral designs to easily cut and drop into a vase at home with no fuss.

      Using the freshest seasonal flowers each bouquet is made by the happiest of the Elves.

      Sugar Plum – a mix of softer caramel, pink, blue and white flowers to give that fresh ginger bread house vibes with snow and decorations

      Classic Christmas – a mix of red, white and blue flowers complete with candy canes, to create that classic Christmas feel

      Winter Wonderland – an all white mix of flowers giving the classic look of a fresh snow fall.

      Mulling Spices – all red and dark moody burgundy flowers to warm the table just like a lovely glass of mulled wine

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      Evergreen Holiday Boxes (outdoor decor)


      Decorate your porch with these fun holiday boxes.
      Painted like Santa’s suit and filled with evergreens and decor, these boxes are one of this years favourites.

      each box is custom made with locally sourced materials.  No two are alike.

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      Red, White and Rustic


      A seasonal favourite red, white and rustic.

      Our lovely wooden containers are filled with evergreens and decorated with branches, berries and cotton.

      Then choose between flowers or no flowers.

      Each arrangement comes with a keep sake of either a gnome or beautiful glass ornament.

      Which is your favourite?

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      Twilight Candles (Natural Vegetable)


      Theses lovely dripless candles are all natural and made with natural palm oil.

      6 x 12″ tapper candles per box, solid colour choices.  See photo gallery for more details on product description and how to burn.

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      Winter Wonderland Tin (evergreen planter)


      These stunning evergreen planters are ready for the porch this holiday season.

      Decorative pots bursting with decorative goodness and style.

      Will last from Nov through Feb in the cooler temps.

      Some product may vary due to availability so order early.

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      6″ Peace Lily


      Peace lilies are a lovely house plant that when happy bloom big white flowers.

      So easy to care for as this plant can take some neglect.  Medium to bright indirect light and moderately moist soil encourages blooms year round.  If you tend to neglect the watering schedule you will still have amazing green foliage but no blooms.

      Peace lilies are can cause mouth and stomach irritation to both humans and animals if ingested.


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