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      8oz Soy Candle – by Power of Three


      Power of Three Candles are Canadian made, handcrafted in Prescott ON.

      We have a variety of lovely scents that create an abundance of aroma in your home, office or where ever your burn space is.

      Gypsy – hints of sandalwood and amber

      Bliss – hints of lavender and sage

      Kitchen Witch – hints of basil and bosc pear

      Sweet Cedar – hints of blueberry and cedarwood

      Forest Moon – hints of citrus, sage and fir

      Lemongrass & Ginger – hints of lemongrass and ginger

      Sunburst – hints of waterlily, berries, pear blossom & musk

      Eucalyptus – hints of fresh eucalyptus

      Wild Rose – notes of rose, lily & black amber

      Sacred Woods – notes of palo santo, cypress fir & cedarwood

      Natural Soy wax candles that can burn up to 40 hours.  It is suggested to not burn your candles for more then four hours at a time to encourage equal melt.


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      Canadian Made Box


      Did you know 90% of our gift items are Canadian made?  We love being able to share our local finds from across the country with you.  The Canadian made box includes different items ranging from candles, soaps, food items, and so much more.  Let us choose new fun items every month for you to enjoy.  Purchasing this box subscription makes me do a happy dance.

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      Infinity Scarf (Urban Cowgirl)


      Urban Cowgirl & Co. is located on the Canadian prairies in Lethbridge Alberta.

      Here, we run our sewing and workshop studio, specializing in our Kimonos, Wild Rags, and Aztec Scarves. All of our items are handmade with meticulous care and love, by either myself or a member of our talented team of seamstresses.

      Our sewing studios can accommodate everything from small e-commerce shops, to brick & mortar boutiques, to companies with larger product placement needs. Our commercial cutting and sewing studio uses the most advanced equipment to fulfill all of your product needs in a timely and efficient manner!

      Our handcrafted designs are exclusive and unique to Urban Cowgirl & Co., and we pride ourselves in small-batch, handmade, beautiful and timeless creations!

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      Large Leather Hair Slides – Love Art Soul


      These beautiful hair slides are the perfect  hair accessory!

      Unique and handcrafted out of thick veg tanned leather for thicker hair, and comes in three earthy colors.

      Each item is made by hand with love in a Central Alberta studio by LOVE ART SOUL, with the highest quality supplies that are sourced locally as well.

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      Leather Belt Buckles (Flight Path)


      These belt buckles feature imagery that is permanently set onto leather. The technique used for these belt buckle pieces is similar to a tattoo process, where the leather completely absorbs the ink, revealing the subtle textures of the grain.  The buckle is also finished with a non-toxic sealant which gives the piece a nice finish and ensures the buckle is completely weather-proof!

      The belt buckle measures 7.25 cm x 5.25 cm(2.85″ x 2.07″).

      This image on this buckle has very earthy colours set against a neutral background. A very versatile piece that can be worn with many different outfits-it looks especially striking next to black. A great gift for those who have a passion for prehistoric creatures. The buckle is meant to be attached to a snap, western style belt-up to a width of 1-3/4″. The belts are sold separately, in these colors; wood grain brown, dark brown, red, black and burgundy

      Canadian Made BC

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      Leather Billfold Wallets


      These beautiful soft leather billfold wallets have a zipper change pocket and place for cards.  The average size of a unisex/men’s wallet to fit into your back pocket.

      Hand made in BC Canada by HollyHawk Deisgns.

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      Leather BUCKLE Belts (Flight Path Designs)


      The perfect accompaniment to your flight path buckle. Western, snap style belts in five beautiful colors-wood grain brown, black and burgundy. All of these belts are hand cut and hand dyed, treated with multiple layers of wax and dye, built to last over time. Once you have a belt, the buckle can be interchanged simply via the snap system. Belts have seven holes punched out, just in case you need some movement.

      Small/Medium  40″ waste, Medium/Large 42″ waste, Lareg/XLarge 44″ waste

      Handmade in Canada BC

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      Leather hair Barrettes (set of 2) – Love Art Soul


      This beautiful set of leather hair barrettes comes as a set of 2, including a laser engraved floral barrette and a hand carved feather barrette on an antique brass hair clip.

      Each item is made by hand with love in a Central Alberta studio, by LOVE ART SOULD.  Using the highest quality supplies that are sourced locally as well.

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      Leather wrapped Stainless steel Flask


      These stainless steel flasks are wrapped in hand cut leather and fastened with copper antiqued rivets.

      The 8oz flask measures 5-3/4″ x 3-5/8″ with a screw down top.

      The leather sleeve can be removed by simply sliding it off the bottom if needed for washing the flask.

      Various  hand dyed designs to choose from.


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      Peace Sign Ornaments


      Peace be with you this holiday season!

      Loving these Peace Sign ornaments.  Two sizes available, made of metal.  Nice for the tree, or to hang in your window or on your wall.  We also use them in our outdoor planters.


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      Planted Arrow Reusable Tote Bag


      Our Planted Arrow Reusable Tote do double duty.  Not only do they reduce the use of plastic bags, but they also give back to our customers.  Every time you bring your tote into the flower shop and purchase something you receive a 10% discount on those purchases.

      *discount does not apply to delivery charges.

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      Printed Leather Cuffs (HollyHawk)


      These cuffs are made out of soft sienna  leather.

      The leather has been hand printed with an image using indelible (permanent) ink. Machine stitched, it has an attached elastic that hooks over a button, so this cuff will adjust to fit most wrist sizes 5.75″ to 7″ in circumference. At the narrowest, the width of the cuff is 1.25″ and at the widest it’s 2″.

      Only premium quality leather and supplies are used to handcraft each item. Small imperfections may exist in the leather, but add to the uniqueness of each piece.

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