Prayer Plant 6” Pot

These beautiful plants got their name because their leaves close upward at night in a manner resembling praying hands.  White, two-lipped flowers with purple spots typically bloom on slender spikes in late spring to early summer, but infrequently appear on houseplants.  Native to Brazil, these plants are a stunning addition to your plant collection.

A trickier house plant due to its requirements, but once they acclimatize to your home and you work out those kinks these lush plants really do put on a show.

Prayer plants like a bright indirect light, too much sun can cause the leaves to dull and loose colour or burn.  Also keep it away from any drafts or heaters in the home.

For watering these plants love humidity, regular misting is helpful and watering once a week to ever 10 days is best.  These plants do not like to dry out much between watering.

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