Leather Belt Buckles (Flight Path)

These belt buckles feature imagery that is permanently set onto leather. The technique used for these belt buckle pieces is similar to a tattoo process, where the leather completely absorbs the ink, revealing the subtle textures of the grain.  The buckle is also finished with a non-toxic sealant which gives the piece a nice finish and ensures the buckle is completely weather-proof!

The belt buckle measures 7.25 cm x 5.25 cm(2.85″ x 2.07″).

This image on this buckle has very earthy colours set against a neutral background. A very versatile piece that can be worn with many different outfits-it looks especially striking next to black. A great gift for those who have a passion for prehistoric creatures. The buckle is meant to be attached to a snap, western style belt-up to a width of 1-3/4″. The belts are sold separately, in these colors; wood grain brown, dark brown, red, black and burgundy

Canadian Made BC


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