8oz Soy Candle – by Power of Three

Power of Three Candles are Canadian made, handcrafted in Prescott ON.

We have a variety of lovely scents that create an abundance of aroma in your home, office or where ever your burn space is.

Gypsy – hints of sandalwood and amber

Bliss – hints of lavender and sage

Kitchen Witch – hints of basil and bosc pear

Sweet Cedar – hints of blueberry and cedarwood

Forest Moon – hints of citrus, sage and fir

Lemongrass & Ginger – hints of lemongrass and ginger

Sunburst – hints of waterlily, berries, pear blossom & musk

Eucalyptus – hints of fresh eucalyptus

Wild Rose – notes of rose, lily & black amber

Sacred Woods – notes of palo santo, cypress fir & cedarwood

Natural Soy wax candles that can burn up to 40 hours.  It is suggested to not burn your candles for more then four hours at a time to encourage equal melt.



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