6″ Pink Princess

The PPP is so expensive because it’s rare. Although it’s a cultivar of Philodendron Erubescens, which is relatively common, pink variegation in philodendrons doesn’t happen on its own that often. To produce the coveted mottled pigment, it must be grown from tissue culture.

Light. Providing your pink princess philodendron with enough light is the most important factor influencing the amount of variegation it will have. Choose a location that receives several hours of bright, indirect light

In any case, your Pink Philodendron will need watering when the pot feels light, the soil looks parched, and if the plant is drooping. Once a week is an average time, but our watering guide earlier will help you water without keeping track of the days.

This beautiful plant has lovely pink variegated leaves that can get big and showy if cared for properly.  A wonderful addion to your plant collection.

Sold in a lovely white ceramic pot.


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