6″ Philodendron Melanochrysum

Philodendron Splendid is a Rare, unique, and low maintenance houseplant. It LOVES its light, but HATES having wet feet, so don’t overwater!

The Philodendron Splendid, also called the Philodendron verrucosum x melanochrysum, is part of the Araceae family. It features stunning foliage with heart-shaped leaves. The veins run from the midrib to arch out to the edges. It also originates from Ecuador’s rainforest and has loads of tropical charisma

Philodendrons love bright but indirect sunlight. Don’t let them get direct sunlight, as it can burn, but give them as much indirect as you can to encourage those beautiful leaves to grow.

Let the top half of the soil dry out before watering again, check it with your finger once a week. You want to give it as much water as it needs without letting it sit in waterlogged soil so that it grows as healthily as possible but does not get root rot. Avoid overly wet soil, this plant does not like a soggy bottom!



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