6″ Begonia Partita

Begonia Dregei: Discover the Secrets of the Maple Leaf Begonia

The begonia dregei is prized for its beautiful leaves, flowers, and stem as an indoor plant. When you grow your plants in the right conditions, they will produce beautiful white flowers in summer.

You want to maintain a moist soil for your dregeis as they do not love excessively wet or dry substrates. Ensure that the soil is sticky so that the plants can get water and nutrients from it quickly.

Like every other plant, maple leaf begonias need light to grow. Without light, the plants cannot produce energy and will die in no time. However, this plant does not need as much sunlight as other plants. As long as you can give it access to at least four hours of sunlight daily, it can thrive.

This plant does not grow best in direct sunlight, so you want to keep it in a spot where the light is either filtered or indirect. If you are increasing the plant outside, you can expand it under a tree. For indoor plants, you can keep them a few inches away from the window.

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