4″ Rex Begonia

Begonia rex, the king begonia, is a species of flowering plant in the family Begoniaceae. It is found from Arunachal Pradesh to southeast China, and has been introduced to Bangladesh, Cuba, and Hispaniola. It is a parent to over 500 cultivars in the Begonia Rex Cultorum Group of houseplants.

These plants are grown almost exclusively for their foliage—their blooms tend to be small and less showy and many growers pinch off blooms to maintain breathtaking leaf displays. If planting outdoors, do so in May after frosts, but plant anytime indoors. With a moderate growth rate, rex begonias may grow to less than 12 inches in a year.

Rex begonias like bright, indirect light year-round. Because they are not aggressive bloomers, they can tolerate less light than other begonias and will thrive under fluorescent lights.

Let the soil surface become dry to the touch before watering. But don’t let the soil become overly dry or the plant will begin to wither. The soil should be watered to feel slightly, but evenly moist.

These fun textured plants come in the mustard yellow ceramic pot shown

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