5″ Peperomia Red Ripple

Peperomia caperata is also known as Emerald Ripple peperomia. Heart-shaped richly veined ruffled dark green leaves. Red Peperomia caperata pronounced [pep-er-OH-mee-uh kap-er-AY-tuh].

The name of the genus ‘Peperomia” combines two Greek words, peperi means pepper and homoios means resembling.

Peperomia does best in an east or north facing window where it can receive bright indirect light. Never any direct sunlight!

It will flourish growing under grow lights or fluorescent lights.

Peperomia does best in temperatures ranging from 60° to 80° degrees Fahrenheit. Never allow temperatures to fall below 50° degrees Fahrenheit. Protect plants from cold drafts.

Allow the top inch of potting mix to dry and then water the plant thoroughly.  It is best to water these plants from the bottom and avoid getting the semi-succulent leaves wet.

These lovely Ripples come in the grey ceramic shown

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