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5″ Ruby Necklaces

Ruby Necklaces (Senecio) grow fast, are vibrant in their shades, and bloom with little daisy like flowers all year long. In lower light areas they maintain a green shade with purplish highlights especially along it’s stem. In bright sun the stem and the bean shaped pudgy leaves will turn ruby red!   One of my favorite succulent plants for their trailing length.  Luckily, these lovelies can thrive in both bright direct light and low indirect light. The more direct sun these plants get the brighter purple and red their color becomes. In lower light conditions they maintain a more greenish hue with purple stems and highlights. Like most succulents, these plants do not like to be overwatered, especially if placed in more shaded and cooler areas. They prefer for their soil to be well draining and for the soil to go completely dry between waterings.


Please note: May not be exactly as shown in picture.
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