Intention Tea Light Candles (10pkg) – Sol & Luna

Sol & Luna is a metaphysical shop specializing in energetic healing tools to cleanse, balance and uplift energies.

At Sol & Luna we feel positive shifts; physically, emotionally and energetically, and are inspired to share our rituals and divination tools with others through hand curated gifts with meaning, intention and healing properties. A way to spread the feeling of positivity, and help others incorporate these metaphysical, “magical tools” into their daily routines or space.

A gift of healing and wellness is a beautiful gift to both give and receive. Sol & Luna’s herbs are sourced from an indigenous supplier, flowers sourced from local florists and together are hand curated in Vancouver, BC Canada, with each purchase you are supporting numerous small businesses. In addition, with each purchase we are committed to plant one tree in various forests throughout the world. From Sol & Luna and our partnerships, we thank you!

Cleanse – Sage & Palo Santo

Release – Lavender & Palo Santo

Love – Rose Petals & Palo Santo

Burn time 4 to 6 hours


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