8″ Peperomia Scandens Variegated

Peperomia scandens (pep-er-ROH-mee-uh SKAN-dens) hails from South and Central America and Mexico, where it grows in the treetops.

The semi-succulent, type of Peperomia is variegated variety with green leaves and cream-colored, golden, yellow, or off-white markings. The trailing stems of this plant store water and are quite stiff and sturdy.

The pretty foliage of this plant is its main attraction, but your Cupid Peperomia may present you with clusters of tiny green flowers on rat-tail-like spikes in the springtime. They are unscented and unremarkable.

Indoors, place your Peperomia near (but not in direct sunlight) a bright window. These plants do best with abundant bright, indirect light.  If you are comfortable, your Peperomia will be comfortable. Keep your plant in an area with comfortable, consistent temperatures, and protect it from hot or cold drafts.

Use the soak and dry watering method to soak the potting medium thoroughly. Then allow the soil to become almost entirely dry before drenching again. Use room temperature rainwater, bottled water, or tap water sitting in the open for 24 hours to allow chemicals to dissipate.  The roots of this epiphyte are shallow, but the plant gleans moisture from the air, and the leaves and stems store up quite a bit of water, so allowing the potting medium to become nearly dry between watering will not harm the plant.



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