6″ Strawberry Begonia

Strawberry begonias are eye-catching plants native to Asia. As they mature, the plants send out long, thin runners that end in clusters of rounded leaves. When grown indoors and allowed to hang over a sill or edge, they form a very interesting display of hairy, red-hued leaves.

Strawberry begonias can be planted and cared for indoors during any time of the year and will grow rapidly, allowing you to enjoy their beautiful foliage quite quickly. With the right conditions, the plant may even bloom in the spring, but their flowers are rather inconsequential.

Strawberry begonia plants prefer bright—but not direct—sunlight. Typically, an east- or west-facing window is perfect. Be careful of letting your plant get any direct rays of sunlight—they can burn the plant and put holes in its leaves.

These plants are fast growers and like a lot of water during their growing season. As with other hairy-leaved plants, avoid getting water on your strawberry begonia’s leaves to reduce the risk of fungal diseases. Water your plant once the top two or three inches of the soil have dried out, and saturate the plant until water runs from the drainage holes in the base. During winter, reduce your watering cadence, but don’t let your plant dry out completely.

This plant comes in the plastic grower hanging basket.


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