6″ Shingle Plant

Rhaphidophora hayi is a fascinating tropical climber with a unique growing habit. It’s commonly called the shingle plant because its leaves lie flat against its support, overlapping like shingles on a roof or wall. While it was a rarely-seen houseplant in the past, it’s become quite trendy and widely available.

This plant will need tons of bright, indirect light. Aim for no less than 70% bright, indirect light. They are pretty hardy, but overexposure to direct sunlight will burn their delicate leaves and possibly harm the plant. The shingle plant can tolerate low light conditions and do very well with artificial light, making them a great addition to your home or terrarium.

This plant must be kept moist through spring and summer, allowing the top inch of soil to dry out between watering’s to avoid root rot.

Since this is a climbing plant, misting every few days is also very important for its growth. During the winter you should cut way back on watering, but continue to mist regularly.

This plant comes in the plastic grower pot provided.


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