6″ Lipstick Plant

The Lipstick plant is a popular, striking tropical evergreen perennial, often grown as a houseplant. It gets its name from its vibrant red tubular flowers. In its native tropical habitat, this is an epiphytic species found growing from tree branches and in cracks in rocks. As a houseplant, it is generally planted in an ordinary well-draining potting mix.

Lipstick plants need bright but filtered light to thrive. Too much direct sunlight can cause leaf scorch, and too little will result in a poor display of flowering and leaf drop.

Although lipstick plants like consistent moisture, particularly during their most prolific growing period, overwatering and saturated conditions can lead to root rot, leaf drop, and fungal issues.   Moderate watering is best. Ideally, you want to avoid allowing the potting medium to dry out completely and offer water when the top couple of inches are no longer damp.



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