5” Hoya Carnosa Tri Colour

The Hoya carnosa Variegata, commonly known as  Hoya Tricolor is a luscious succulent that is of tropical descent. For years, it may have been a staple ornamental plant in many oriental households. With its drought-tolerant characteristic and long-lived foliage, Hoyas are a must-have in your garden and indoor plant collections!

The Hoya Tricolor light requirements ranges from bright indirect light to a bit of full sun, but never to the extent that it can ruin the plant’s delicate foliage. Light is an important aspect of growing any variegated specimen, and it is certainly crucial especially if you wish to maintain those beautiful streaks of colors in the leaves.

As an epiphytic plant, less is more when it comes to Hoya Tricolor watering. The key to avoiding overwatering – which can be fatal to the plant – is by checking first if the top inch of the soil feels completely dry to the touch.

It is ideal to water Hoya carnosa Variegata once every two weeks, but you need to adjust your watering when it is summer as the plant may need more moisture, and then reduce it in the onset of winter. Be mindful of your Hoya tricolor’s watering needs, and do not overdo it as it can lead to root rot.



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