6″ Ficus Cyathistipula

Looking for a green houseplant that is not demanding and grows rapidly?  Ficus cyathistipula has primeval strength and offers lots of attractive foliage in return for a sip of water from time to time.  This is the African fig, a member of the mulberry family, and grows in tropical rainforests on the continent, from Ivory Coast in the west to western Kenya and northern Malawi.

Enjoys bright indirect light and moderate moist soil, allowing it to dry out between watering.

Ficus cyathistipula shares the meaning of fulfilling aspirations and dreams with the entire Ficus family. This makes the plant the perfect gift for a housewarming or a new job. Ficus cyathistipula’s fruit floats, and is often carried along by flowing water. In Kenya it is also known as ‘the river’s gift.’


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