6″ Crispy Wave

Bright apple-green, shiny, wavy leaves of the Crispy Wave fern make it a delightful addition to your houseplant collection.

This tropical epiphyte is a fast grower in the right conditions and has fascinating sculptural sword-shaped leaves.  In its native tropical jungle, Crispy Wave fern grows in the shade of large trees, in the nook of large branches or palm leaves, and can reach up to five feet.

Try to duplicate its natural habitat at home, so a bright to medium bright indirect light, ideally from the window with northern exposure.

Do not expose your fern to direct sunlight, or the leaves will burn. If you do not have a choice and all your rooms get too much light, shade them with light curtains or place your fern behind another large plant.

The Crispy Wave Fern needs evenly moist soil at all times but it should never be soggy. Soil that is wet to the touch retains too much water and can cause roots to rot.

A short period of dry soil is not going to hurt it as long as it is not too long and it does not happen often, so this lovely plant needs a little extra TLC



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