5″ Rhipsalis Pilocarpa “Bearded”

Rhipsalis pilocarpa is a small shrub cactus found growing mostly on rocks and tree trunks in the tropics. Coming from a genus with an abundant species, the Rice cactus attracts attention with its unique set of stems that may become dangly over time. An ideal indoor plant that’s easy to care for.

The rice cactus light needs to be bright and filtered.  If you wish to grow the plant indoors, be sure to place it in a humid room with a fair level of temperature.

Allow the sail to maintain moisture, drying out only moderately between watering.  The trick is to water thoroughly, making sure that the excess drains out completely. You may want to check first when the top inch of the soil feels dry to the touch. Avoid soggy soil as this can cause root rot in the long term.

This fun little plant has white hairs all over, making it seems as though it is bearded.


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