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      8oz Soy Candle – by Power of Three


      Power of Three Candles are Canadian made, handcrafted in Prescott ON.

      We have a variety of lovely scents that create an abundance of aroma in your home, office or where ever your burn space is.

      Gypsy – hints of sandalwood and amber

      Bliss – hints of lavender and sage

      Kitchen Witch – hints of basil and bosc pear

      Sweet Cedar – hints of blueberry and cedarwood

      Forest Moon – hints of citrus, sage and fir

      Lemongrass & Ginger – hints of lemongrass and ginger

      Sunburst – hints of waterlily, berries, pear blossom & musk

      Eucalyptus – hints of fresh eucalyptus

      Wild Rose – notes of rose, lily & black amber

      Sacred Woods – notes of palo santo, cypress fir & cedarwood

      Natural Soy wax candles that can burn up to 40 hours.  It is suggested to not burn your candles for more then four hours at a time to encourage equal melt.


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      1 LB Coffee: Rideau Roastery


      Only the highest-grade fair trade and organic green beans are shipped from around the world to our little Roastery, where we use our special roast profiles to produce high-quality single origin roasts and custom flavoured blends.

      Flavours – Peruvian, Columbian, Canadian Maple


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      Atta Boy Box


      Every man deserves an ATTA BOY

      Looking for a great gift that has it all?  We’ve put together a fun collection of items that includes Walton Wood Farms men’s spa items and of course BEER.  Enjoy a growler of Humble Beginnings Beer locally produced in Morrisburg ON  (this can be non alcoholic)   So look no further because this box has it all.

      Three different spa option (to keep it fun)

      For the manscaper in your life, the one who wears a speedo.  Proud Cock shave soap and balm is meant for the nether regions leaving you soft and smooth.

      Or perhaps you have a healthy bearded man that could use a soft soap and balm to keep the face hairs from flying wild.  Enjoy the beard wash and beard balm that is subtly scented.  Two scents available The Canadian (Maple Bark and Wild Portage) and The Gentleman (Citrus and Mahogany)

      Lastly the Men Don’t Stink soap and room spray option.  Trust me guys when I say “this soap is delicious”

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      Bath Salts (Buck Naked)


      The lovely bath salts are full line of all-natural, vegan, handcrafted skin care products. Buck Naked is committed to being chemical-free, using only pure, natural ingredients.

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      Bath Bombs (Carrot Top Soap Shop)


      Theses wonderful bath bomb rich in vitamin E are hand made in small batches.  Transform your bath into your own personal oasis. Unwind and soak away the day.

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      Beard Wash and Balm (Walton Wood Farms)


      Direct from the bottle, keep your beard as nice as your Canadian personality or not beastly, but soft like a gentleman should look. These super conditioning beard washes are full of goodness like aloe, Argan oil and Vitamin E.

      Get that handlebar on point, sir. The Gentleman is the lightest scented beard balm with soft citrus and mahogany notes, and the Canadian is a mix of maple bark & portage.

      • Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free
      • Alcohol, SLS, Paraben and Dye-Free
      • Hemp Oil moisturizes hair and stimulates growth, preventing breakage
      • Shea Butter soothes skin, softens and protects hair
      • 2.5 oz solid tin is carry-on approved, ready for your next adventure

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      Better B’ver – Walton Wood Farms


      Our Better B’ver  is a must for women who like to keep the dam neat + tidy.

      Our Shave soap offers a luxurious, creamy shave that keeps things smooth.

      Our 2 oz Shave Cream gives you the same worry-free shave in a convenient purse-size tube.

      Better B’ver Balm keeps your bikini line silky soft, reducing nasty bumps + ingrowns. No matter what your bikini goals are, we’ve got you covered with this fab gift set!

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      Body Soaps Buck Naked


      Our all-natural vegan soaps are formulated to moisturize and cleanse all skin types. Using only the best natural oils, essential oils, botanicals and herbs, our amazing collection of soaps is hard to beat. They will leave your skin feeling soft, silky, hydrated and clean.

      Not only are our bar soaps made of high quality plant based ingredients. They are substantial in size. With us, you get more for your ‘buck’. Sometimes…bigger is better.

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      Canadian Made Box


      Did you know 90% of our gift items are Canadian made?  We love being able to share our local finds from across the country with you.  The Canadian made box includes different items ranging from candles, soaps, food items, and so much more.  Let us choose new fun items every month for you to enjoy.  Purchasing this box subscription makes me do a happy dance.

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      Charcuterie Board


      Introducing our newest delight.

      Looking for something different as a gift?  Try our Charcuterie board.

      This lovely custom handmade bees wax sealed wooden cutting board by “Begins Bounty and Board” is filled with all your delectable treats to share.

      We provide the items, you cut them up to display and feast upon.

      Wonderful idea for a date night, work lunch, alternative to the fruit basket, and a nice home gift for sympathy

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      Eco Friendly Bag


      Being eco-friendly is not only important to Mother Earth it is also important for your health.  We are excited for all the chemical free, reusable items we have available to share with you.  This eco friendly bag is filled with 100% natural house cleaner and toilet Fizzies, biodegradable wash cloth, reusable bees wax wraps, water bottle, and wool dryer balls all tied up in a canvas lunch bag.  Oh, and did we say that all these items are sourced in Canada, also reducing our eco footprint.

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      Facial Clay (Buck Naked)


      Amazing natural clay masks for natural, oily or sensitive skin.  Clay masks exfoliate and draw out toxins while leaving your skin soft and radiant.

      Scents – lavender and French green clay, Rose Moroccan Red Clay, Bamboo Activated Charcoal

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