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      Eco Friendly Bag


      Being eco-friendly is not only important to Mother Earth it is also important for your health.  We are excited for all the chemical free, reusable items we have available to share with you.  This eco friendly bag is filled with 100% natural house cleaner and toilet Fizzies, biodegradable wash cloth, reusable bees wax wraps, water bottle, and wool dryer balls all tied up in a canvas lunch bag.  Oh, and did we say that all these items are sourced in Canada, also reducing our eco footprint.

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      Mossify 16″ Bendable Moss Pole


      Need a little help with height on your trailing plants?

      Let us assist with these ready to use moss poles.  Plant the stone base into the soil and use the provided fern pins to gently tie your plants up the pole until they are able to use their own roots to occupy.

      Want more details?  Check out Mossify.ca

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      Mossify Mister



      This is the best spray bottle you will ever have!  So easy to use with super fast misting so you can sit back and enjoy your plants for the rest of the afternoon.

      Automatic spray, push the button and you move in the direction you would like to mist.

      Ergonomic Handle, so easy to hold as we all know pushing that spray bottle can start to wear on the hands.

      Rechargeable USB cable, eco friendly as well (oh yeah!)

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      Seed Cards


      These stunning recycled paper cards are embedded with local wild flower seeds that can be planted into the garden. A beautiful addition to a gift, that keeps growing.


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