Media Releases

Canadian Tulip Festival - 2018



Have you ever been to Ottawa in the spring and  walked among the hundreds of thousands of tulips?  It is simply stunning  and brings an artistic community together in the making.  We were  invited to showcase our shop by presented tulip inspired bouquets.  

It was amazing!

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Ottawa Wedding Awards - 2018



It  is always an honor to be nominated for the Ottawa Wedding Awards.  This  our second time round for best florist we did not win but we had a  really great night conversing with other vendors in the industry.  Thank  you to all our fans that nominated us and voted, we appreciate your  continued support.

Too wicked!

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Fleur de Ville - 2018



We  had the opportunity to be a part of an amazing flower show at Bayshore  Shopping Center in April 2018.  We transformed a blank mannequin into a  fierce female warrior made of live floral materials. 

So Aweseome!

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